MBL has continuously optimized its processing technology over the years and has regularly upgraded to state-of-the art manufacturing technology. MBL manufacturing plant is equipped with most modern chemical processing machineries viz; Glass Lined vessels, SS Reaction Kettles, Blenders, Homogenizers etc. for manufacturing a wide range of specialty chemicals through Esterification, Condensation, Synthesis, Polymerization reactions etc. This enables us to produce approx. 30,000 MT per year.

All the products are manufactured under the latest International Safety standards as per SOP’s. We follow all types of Environmental & Safety guidelines as per local regulations and requirements of Buyer. Production personnel are well trained in the safe operation of all production processes with efficient use of energy and resources, minimization of waste generation and disposal of residual wastes through Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).

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Head office:
Rupayan Golden Age
5th & 6th Floor
99, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan,
Tel: +88-02-9883358
FAX: +88-02-9861685, +88-02-8810850
Email: coordination@matexbd.com
Factory :
East Chandora, Shafipur
Kaliakoir, Gazipur,
Tel: +88-06822-51166
Mob: 01713-425868
Email : researchdevelopment@matexbd.com
Web: www.matexbd.com
Leather Lab:
124, Dhaka Tannery Market, 3rd Floor,
Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1209
Mob: 01730048393
Email : sales@matexbd.com