High quality of the products is the key to our success. We do a great deal to maintain this quality, from careful selection of base-stocks to state-of-the-art process technology and beyond. All raw materials are screened to ascertain that no banned substances are present or generated during the wet-processing of textile materials.

We have well equipped Quality Assurance Laboratory & Application Laboratory comprising of HPLC, GC, UV spectrophotometer, HTHP dyeing machines, Oscillating machines, Rota dyers, Dispensing machines, Incubators etc. required for application testing of our products.

Our Performance testing Laboratory is well equipped with International Standard Instruments like Pilling tester, Crock-meter, Abrasion tester, Tensile strength tester, Xenon Arc Light fastness tester, Launder-O-meter, Yarn Count, etc. We follow Standard Test Methods as per AATCC, ASTM & ISO to maintain consistent quality of products.

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Head office:
Rupayan Golden Age
5th & 6th Floor
99, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan,
Tel: +88-02-9883358
FAX: +88-02-9861685, +88-02-8810850
Email: coordination@matexbd.com
Factory :
East Chandora, Shafipur
Kaliakoir, Gazipur,
Tel: +88-06822-51166
Mob: 01713-425868
Email : researchdevelopment@matexbd.com
Web: www.matexbd.com
Leather Lab:
124, Dhaka Tannery Market, 3rd Floor,
Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1209
Mob: 01730048393
Email : sales@matexbd.com