Inherent strength of MBL lies in its product know-how and well-honed development capability. MBL has highly qualified and experienced technical-team that works closely with marketing-team and strives to develop high quality products in order to provide value-adding effects and processing solutions to its customers.

Our continuous investment in R&D has allowed us to develop innovative processes and wet-processing technologies as per the increasing demands of European buyers. This has enabled us to introduce broad product portfolio of more than 100 products as per the customers’ requirements.

We have an excellent track record of commercializing indigenously developed processes for manufacture of specialty chemicals. By pioneering novel ways of collating and managing information and knowledge, we have strengthened and extended our R&D activities to diverse domains.

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Head office:
Rupayan Golden Age
5th & 6th Floor
99, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan,
Tel: +88-02-9883358
FAX: +88-02-9861685, +88-02-8810850
Email: coordination@matexbd.com
Factory :
East Chandora, Shafipur
Kaliakoir, Gazipur,
Tel: +88-06822-51166
Mob: 01713-425868
Email : researchdevelopment@matexbd.com
Web: www.matexbd.com
Leather Lab:
124, Dhaka Tannery Market, 3rd Floor,
Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1209
Mob: 01730048393
Email : sales@matexbd.com